Nahlah Elkudssiah Ismail

Council Member, Malaysian Academy of Pharmacy, Malaysia

Prof. Dr. Nahlah Elkudssiah Ismail graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Pharmacy (Hons) from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia in the year 2000 with Pharmacy Board of Malaysia registration in 2001. Prof. Dr. Nahlah successfully awarded a PhD degree (Distinction Report) in the field of clinical pharmaceutics at Institute of Pharmaceutical Innovation (IPI) and School of Pharmacy, University of Bradford, Bradford, United Kingdom (UK) in July 2005. With experience gained over two decades of work in the academia, community pharmacies, hospitals, clinics, vaccination centres, research centres, and industries, to date, she has taught more than 75 courses to diploma, degree and postgraduate students in United Kingdom and Malaysia using innovative teacher- and student- centered learning. As the pioneer of clinical pharmaceutics in Malaysia, she is the founder of the first Clinical Pharmaceutics Research Group (CPRG) (2008) in Malaysia and that was later acknowledged as Clinical BioPharmaceutics Research Group (CBRG) under Research Initiative Group (RIG) by Research Management Institute (RMI), Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM), Malaysia. The CBRG comprised of Inhalational Delivery Lab (IDL), Biomedical Analysis Lab (BAL) and Honey Research Lab. IDL was the first in Asia comprising all pivotal facilities in analyzing particles deliveries emitted from various medical devices including nasal spray, metered dose inhalers, spacers, dry powder inhalers, and various types of nebulisers, industrial and domestics sprays, as well as environmental air quality assessment ranging from nano to micro sizes of particles. Prof. Dr. Nahlah holds membership in various local and international pharmacy and health based organizations. She has been publishing more than 300 publications including reputable research journal articles, proceedings, chapters in books, books and magazine. She has been invited to deliver lectures, talks (guest of honour/keynote/plenary/distinguished/eminent speaker) and conduct workshops at local and international events as well as a reviewer and editorial board member for local and international journals, and serve organizing committee members in various conferences. Research area of interest mainly in the field of pharmaceutics (drug delivery; nanotechnology; inhalational deliveries), pharmaceutical analysis (method development, detection and validation), clinical pharmacy, pharmacy education and leadership, pharmacy practice, public health, neurobehavioural-psychosocial, pharmaceutical policy, complementary and alternative medicines. She is also actively participating in honey, plant and animal modelling studies in exploring and defining new therapeutic entity. Prof. Dr. Nahlah had been awarded research and travel grants as well as awards and medals in national and international scientific invention, innovation and design exhibitions, competitions, conferences, and community services. As a senior clinical pharmacist and a teacher-practitioner, she was one of the regular invited guests for radio UFM Malaysia under segment “U & Health” covering numerous health topics as well as one of the invited speakers for leadership and soft skills development. She has been as the Chairman and member of Boards of Studies for Diploma in Pharmacy, Bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons), Master in Clinical Pharmacy, Master and PhD studies, involving heavily in curriculum review, audits, recognition and accreditation affairs. Holding various posts at different senior management levels at different institutions, currently, Prof. Dr. Nahlah is the Council Member of Malaysian Academy of Pharmacy. She is enthusiastically advocating vaccination against COVID-19 and consequently appointed as one of the healthcare professional frontliners for medical and pharmaceutical roles at various Vaccine Administration Centres (VACs) covering populations of adult, geriatric, adolescent and children.